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Digest for Thursday June 20, 2024

Greetings, my name is David Colarusso. I'm the director of Suffolk University Law School's Legal Innovation & Technology (LIT) Lab. With one foot in law and the other in tech, I really want the open web to thrive, esp. #LawFedi. So I created a bot and this site to help folks discover great law-themed content. You can get a look at their algos/workflows here.

If you like what you see, consider joining Mastodon and following, the bot feeding this page content.

FWIW, here are some law-flavored server suggestions: (1) (legal general interest); and (2) (legal academics). Also, here are Some Tricks [For] Making Mastodon Way More Useful.

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Here are yesterday's most-shared links from #Law/#LawFedi folks I follow.¹

  1. Opal Lee gets keys to her new Texas home 85 years after a racist mob drove her family from that lot | AP News (~4 shares)
  2. Ken Paxton Has Used Consumer Protection Law to Target These Organizations — ProPublica (~3 shares)
  3. Juneteenth offers new ways to teach about slavery, Black perseverance and American history (~3 shares)
  4. Casualties are mounting in the U.S. culture wars • Buttondown (~3 shares)
  5. Two courts, two justice systems - by Chris Geidner (~3 shares)
  6. Australia’s biggest companies made nearly $100bn in ‘crisis profits’ amid Covid and Ukraine war | Australia news | The Guardian (~2 shares)
  7. The Document Found with Roger Stone's Clemency Did Pertain to Emmanuel Macron - emptywheel (~2 shares)
  8. Stonehenge Sprayed With Orange Paint One Day Before Solstice (~2 shares)
  9. 59th Street Bridge | 28 July 2019. From 58th Street and Sutt… | Flickr (~2 shares)
  10. ​​Pajaro Valley groups sue state, Monterey County pesticide use near schools (~2 shares)
  11. Pesticide use near schools detailed in Santa Cruz County - Santa Cruz Local (~2 shares)
  12. Podcast Episode: AI in Kitopia | Electronic Frontier Foundation (~2 shares)
  13. Oh My Fraud | Meet the Cybersecurity Scholar: Riana Pfefferkorn of Stanford University (~2 shares)
  14. Signal, MEPs urge EU Council to drop encryption-eroding law • The Register (~2 shares)

¹ Yesterday includes yesterday plus anytime today before this page was published. See footer.

SSRN Roundup

I keep an eye out for links to SSRN. Once I collect five, I share them. This is the most-recent bundle.²

² Depending on how much folks are sharing, there could be more or less than one bundle per day, this is just the most-recent one.


Mastodon is big on hashtags. Here's what folks I follow were using yesterday:


Mastodon is big on hashtags. Here's what folks I follow were using yesterday:


Of course, these insights are all thanks to a community of users, namely the folks I follow over at For fun, here's a look at their posting traffic yesterday. I like trying to create stories about the daily ups and downs. What is that bump? ;)

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