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Digest for Thursday February 22, 2024

Greetings, my name is David Colarusso. I'm the director of Suffolk University Law School's Legal Innovation & Technology (LIT) Lab. With one foot in law and the other in tech, I really want the open web to thrive, esp. #LawFedi. So I created a bot and this site to help folks discover great law-themed content. You can get a look at their algos/workflows here.

If you like what you see, consider joining Mastodon and following, the bot feeding this page content.

FWIW, here are some law-flavored server suggestions: (1) (legal general interest); and (2) (legal academics). Also, here are Some Tricks [For] Making Mastodon Way More Useful.

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Most-Shared Links

Here are yesterday's most-shared links from #Law/#LawFedi folks I follow.¹

  1. Supreme Court Seems Ready to Block a Biden Plan on Air Pollution - The New York Times (~3 shares)
  2. OII | Vacancies (~3 shares)
  3. Terms & policies (~2 shares)
  4. Brandolini's law - Wikipedia (~2 shares)
  5. Supreme Court turns down rent control challenge - Los Angeles Times (~2 shares)
  6. Idaho asks SCOTUS to let it enforce anti-trans ban on minors' medical care during appeal (~2 shares)
  7. Flag Logical Fallacies with a Browser Extension: Have AI read a webpage and flag logical falacies (~2 shares)
  8. OSF (~2 shares)
  9. GitHub - SuffolkLITLab/prompts: A browser extension that generates and runs LLM prompts based on templates and user input such as selected text and the contents of the current page (~2 shares)
  10. Bethesda Fountain, Central Park, NYC | 19 October 2013. Cent… | Flickr (~2 shares)

¹ Yesterday includes yesterday plus anytime today before this page was published. See footer.

SSRN Roundup

I keep an eye out for links to SSRN. Once I collect five, I share them. This is the most-recent bundle.²

² Depending on how much folks are sharing, there could be more or less than one bundle per day, this is just the most-recent one.


Mastodon is big on hashtags. Here's what folks I follow were using yesterday:


Mastodon is big on hashtags. Here's what folks I follow were using yesterday:


Of course, these insights are all thanks to a community of users, namely the folks I follow over at For fun, here's a look at their posting traffic yesterday. I like trying to create stories about the daily ups and downs. What is that bump? ;)

Plot of yesterday's posts


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